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Proud to publish new writers.

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Proud to bring new voices to our readers.

We believe in writing. So we try to provide our readers with books that are readable, creative, and inspiring. 

Our books cover a wide range of form, genre, style and topic. We publish books of many lengths (some in both print and digital forms, and some in digital only).

Here are qualities we look for when evaluating what to publish:

1. Editable: Be open to being edited. It may be that your mss is perfect. Happy days. It may be that something is not right for us, in which case we will need you to undertake revisions.

2. Diverse: We live in a diverse society and wish to see that diversity reflected in the pieces we publish.

3. Accessible: We like to think that our books can be read by young people over the age of 14. For this reason, we do not accept graphic (sexual or violent) content or graphic expletives/hate speech. 

4. Clean MSS : We are happy to edit but we expect basic English, spelling, punctuation and grammar to be correct.

5. Writing that’s a pleasure to read: Our readers are sophisticated and experienced and busy. We would like you to capture their interest.

General notes 

We receive more submissions than we can publish, and we often have to say no to good proposals due to limitations of space and time. If we’ve passed on something you’ve submitted, please feel free to try again with another idea. 

Our editorial process is thorough and you may be asked to do multiple rounds of revisions. Contributors tell us that they appreciate the extra care and attention their work receives.

We publicise our publications but expect our writers to publicise what they have written too!

Thanks for considering working with us.

Marsaili- Editor